Arbor: a multi-compartment neural network simulation library

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Arbor is a library for implementing performance portable network simulations of multi-compartment neuron models.
Arbor is designed from the ground up for many core architectures.

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Arbor Documentation - Arbors concepts, APIs, tutorials, howtos

Get started with Arbor by following a tutorial or going over Arbors Concepts. The API reference (C++ and Python) and some howtos help you get more advanced stuff done.

Arbor Discussions - User Forums

Arbor Discussions is a forum for questions on the usage of Arbor, the exchange of code and general discussions about Arbor. The idea is that all users profit by sharing their experience. All Arbor developers are participate in this forum as well, so even more complex questions should be getting a satisfying answer.

Arbor Gitter - Chat

Arbors Gitter is a place where you can get in touch with the dev team.

Arbor Github repo - Code, Issues, Pull Requests

Arbor draws its strength from the many people that use and improve it. We are happy to consider your contributions (e.g. own models, bug or documentation fixes) for addition to Arbor. We work with the Issue/Pull Request workflow, so head on over to our our code repo to propose your new features or bug fixes.

NSuite Github repo - Code, Issues, Pull Requests

Benchmarking and validation of Arbor and other simulators can be performed with the NSuite performance and validation testing suite (NSuite documentation).

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Please find current instructions here.

Get in touch

Have you used Arbor to create a model? Have you used Arbor in a publication? Do you have a workflow or tool that involves Arbor? Please let us know! We're eager to find out how Arbor is used and we'd be very happy to showcase your work through our channels. You can reach out to us by email.

For general inquiry, you can approach the Arbor team via email. Press materials (logos) can be found in our materials repository.