v0.7 released!

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Version v0.7 has been released! This is the second version released in our 3 month release cadence, although it has been delayed a bit due to some problems and eventual significant improvements to the (Python) build system. Our setup.py is now nearly empty, and all instructions live in pyproject.toml and Python MacOS wheels come with ARM support. Details of this release can be found here. The release is out on PyPI as well, so give it a go:

python -m venv env && source env/bin/activate
pip install arbor
python -c 'import arbor; print(arbor.__config__)'

Should you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to let us know.

For the next release, we’ll be having a developers meeting in preparation, where anyone is welcome to hear about and give input on version v0.8. This meeting will be in late august; a more precise announcement will follow.