LFPykit and Arbor

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The second Arbor Developer Meeting has just concluded, and was again a great success! Please find the minutes here and have a look at the Milestone overview to see what’s coming in next next release(s): Milestone overview. v0.7 is planned for release on 2 May.

Also, today Arbor v0.6 is featured on the Ebrains.eu website.

In the Developer Meeting, Arbor users shared some of their work, and we’d like to highlight a particular one, because it is a movie and movies are slick. It showcases Arbor and LFPykit. Not long ago, we’ve received a tutorial on this subject: how to extract extracellular potentials from Arbor and analyze and visualize them using LFPykit. You can find the tutorial in the Arbor documentation.

The showcase is generated with this notebook, and show LFP measurements in a z-slice of a morphological and biophysical realistic model of the inferior olivary nucleus (left PO) under small GABA input. The demo was created by Lennart Landsmeer, student at the Neuro Computing Lab, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who are part of our ArborIO collaboration. Enjoy!