Bernstein 22: Kicking off Arbor Plasticity user group

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At the 2022 edition of the Bernstein Conference Arbor will be present with a workshop on modelling plasticity, and we will kick-off a new user group focussed on this subject. The aim is to use and extend Arbor to support synaptic and morphological plasticity, and to gather a group of researchers that will help steer development of Arbor in that direction and in turn be able to conduct research they couldn’t so far. We’ve prepared 7 talks by researchers already working on in this subject, and we hope to gather more so as to exchange expertise, find opportunities for cooperation and create lasting contacts.

The event is spread over two days, Tuesday 13 September, 14:00-18:00 local time, and the next day, Wednesday 14 September, 08:30-12:30. The full program with some more details such as the full speakers list found here. Make sure to sign up!

If you are working on plasticity research or would like to, don’t hesitate to join and bring your ideas, questions, struggles, etc.! We hope to create a fruitful event that’ll help you further.